Zen HeartEdit

Mr Zentavious, is the gender bent of Ziggamena. He will appear in an issue along with his friends and it is unknown if he will appear again.

Compared to ZiggieEdit

Zenatavious like his female counterpart, Zen hates his first name, unlike her, his name didn't come from My Little Pony- which is.....Hasbro I belive (Ziggie's one took the 'amena' from Pinkamena, a Easter egg that the creator of Ziggie wanted people to find....but know body did)

A few more Easter eggs created by Alissa include one with Zen and his girlfriend  Jasmin's appearance. Zen is the same size as Jason and has straighter and shorter quills like him, whereas Jasmin is the same size as Ziggie and has longer quills with a bit of a wave in them.

Zen is a lot less clingy to Jasmin as his counterpart is to Jason, but he will get jealous if Jazz where to even look at another male non of them know, the first and best examples of this is when they first meet their counterparts, Jason and Jasmin where like a mirror doing the same action and having the same expression, just as the two where about to shake hands both of them where pulled away by Zen and Zigg's who also had a mirror like effect to them. 

I've already stated the height and quill structure of Zen so I shall move onto his outfit, it is very similar to Ziggies but at the same time completely different. the 'block' like V-neck dress was turned into a V-neck shirt that had the same sleeves, the black part of it is extended a bit and the hot pink part isn't there, instead the hot pink skirt part became hot pink shorts which stopped at his knees. The boots are now trainers (the same style of Jason's shoes) another thing taken from Jason in the way that the lining became socks, the colors where still all the same. Lastly the bracelet's of the gloves where replaced with orange lining.