Pepper PoloEdit

Pepper is a epic penguin of epicness, he lives in a snowy place with an army of Gunters (Adventure time) and came to this world with Luna and Dominic.

Pepper befriended Luna when her and her friend where lost in the snow, his orignal plan was to join them until they got away from the cold weather but Luna changed her mind saying something about always needing needing a guy who knows which star is which.

After helping her find her brother the plan was to go back but that was put on hold for the evil hedgehog who had separated the siblings at the start struck again sending Pepper, Luna and Dominic away from their young hedgehog friends and to the studio.


Name: Pepper

Surname: Polo

Middle: Peter

Nickname(s):  Pep

age: 15

D.O.B: March 20 1998

Animal: Penguin

Fur: Black 'n White

Hair: Black

Eyes: Ice Blue

Power/talent: Snow bored, Baseball 

relationship: N/A

Sibling: N/A


Pepper sets the penguin trend of almost always having a hat and something around his neck. Normally its a blue and white hat with a fluffy bob on the top that has a black line down the middle. His formal outfit is basically the same as his normal 'outfit' apart from the cool bowler hat and bow tie. Yes a pink tie, don't ask why, as you can see his school uniform is lacking a hat- mostly because your not able to wear hats for school, he also has a blazer/jacket and normal school uniform.

Trivia StuffsEdit

  • Pepper is the only member who has a hat of some from in every comic
  • He has both a snow bored and baseball bat but it is unknown where he keeps them
  • Pepper is the 3rd shortes- he is taller than Alissa by 3cm give or take