The comic has seen a fair few places, at the start the main location is Alissa's studio where cookie crew live, that then gets burned down forceing CC to pick a new home, they then go and live in Cassie's house and soon after may move into the Midnight Manner, it is unknown if they will move again and if they do, where they will go.

Alissa's StudioEdit

When 'A.J' first came to the planet, she was in a forest with an old building in, for the fact that she had no-where to go, she built up this old building and now calls it home, but everyone else calls it 'the studio'. It has 3 floors, the middle floor being where the liveing room is- I.E the place where Cookie Crew hang out, and the Kitchen- where she keep's all her cookies. the second floor is where her bedroom is and the bathroom, the basement has 11 cubical type things, this is where cookie crew will sleep if they have to stay the night, they are able to decorate the small rooms as they like. 

In the sofa in the living room, Jason- who at the time was helping the vampire fix up the place, installed a lock down system, if the button was pressed then no-one could get in or out of the building and the only mobien who had the power to unlock it is Alissa. A fault in the system is the fact that Alissa will fall asleep on the sofa from time to time and accidentally press the button- another reason why the rest of her team have the cubicles.

The studio is located bam smack in the middle of an opening in a forest, if you where to walk east from this you will find a lake and a small river, west of the studio is the city, this is where Jason and Ziggie live. It is unknown where Luna lives but it is predicted that Pepper would live with his family on the snowy mountains that are south of the studio, Dominic is predicted to live in a cloud home or in a cave.

Cassie's HouseEdit

Other LocationsEdit

Here is a quick list of other locations in cookie crew and where they might be:

  • Bridge High School
    • To the West of the City
      • seen in Issue two
  • 'World's End'
    • Vampire world
  • Dantay's House
    • A magical location located under World's End