Jasmin Kato==

Princess Jasmin, is the gender bent of Jason. She will appear in an issue along with her friends and it is unknown if she will appear again.

Compared to JasonEdit

In the issue Damon will say: "Their genders are not the only differences" This isn't really noticeable in Jazz and Jay- in others it is detectible but with the two lightning controlling  hedgehogs it is fairly heard to see.

The two hedgehogs only have very faint differences the main one being their gender. Their personality's are practically the same the differences are in looks, Jasmin's puffy hair covers her right eye where as Jason's goes down the middle of his face, Jasmin's hair is also longer than her male counterparts along with her quills that have a slight wave in- this was taken from Ziggie who has wavy quills, just like Zen has straight quills like Jason. 

Jasmin's waist, jumper jacket thing is shorter than Jason's like her jumper was in her old outfit, her shirt however is like Alissa's hoody for the way how it is longer and goes past her waist. The last thing is in her name, Jasmin sounds like Jason and in both the first three letters are J, A and S. This also works for her nick names, Jazz and Jay are both common nicknames for the pair and Jayze- given to him by Alissa but used more by Ziggie, can also be converted into his counterpart and becomes 'Jazzy' which has a similar sound.