The Cookie Crew is only a comic, but in the future it may become a web T.V show thing (may) if it does then YAY. But for now here is a list of issues and ideas for future ones.


Sad to say that we haven't finished an issue yet but when we do, it will be listed here.

In ProgressEdit

Their are currently two issues being made, not much has been done but its a work in progress.

  • Issue one is being done by Cassie.
    • It is a fairly late Halloween issue which tells us how James come's into the group.
  • Issue two is being done by Alissa is entitled/has a slogan "Everybody is Everybody"
    • In the issue Cookie Crew have to go to school and as an attempt to get out of it, Alissa accidentally swaps everyone's body's. 

Ideas/future issuesEdit

Some idea's may be scraped but I'll list them anyway:

  • A two part comic that Alissa is doing, the first part is about Damon getting all the vampires to the 'World's End' (listed in locations) and then blowing them all up, the plan is foiled, however the energy that is meant to destroy the part of the world is unstoppable and a particular power is needed to stop it.
  • Part two of the issue listed above takes place in 'Dantay's place' (listed in locations) it follows off the last part a day later and starts with the remaining members of cookie crew in the studio, they later return to the worlds end as an attempt of finding their missing friend. They find their way to Dantay's place but where they do find their friend but the only way out is through a portal, to make things interesting a hell maze is created and the only way out is to find a key that will have a different affect depending on who finds it- and I might as well say because its been written on her trivia that Alissa finds it and it gives her temporary blindness.
  • For Valentines day- that is the same time as Cassies birthday, Alissa will create a comic based around the two occasions, it starts off as a birthday party for Cassie and as a game she pairs each of the boys with a girl and they have to go on a date in their formal outfits- the last noteworthy thing is that this is when the Studio gets burnt down and Alissa gets her vision back.
  • A possible idea for the x-mas comic is a secret Santa and the 12 days of Christmas remake
  • Luna for President