Dominic DarkEdit

'D' is the only cold blooded creature in Cookie Crew- unless you include Luna's hatred to Zeke. He is a dragon, he only started waering a 'waist coat' when he and Caelum had a body sawp and Caelum strutted.

The first sign of Dominic was when Luna and her friends met Rainy who said "do the 4 of you need anything?" now this was strange because at the time there was only three of them. It is later reviled- thanks to Luna's keen senses- that Dominic had been there from the start, after a quick- and by quick I mean fast (one by one they all attacked and Dominic took down all of them till Luna happened)- Luna forced the boy to talk and he reply's "Your dad sent me to spy on you and only attack if needed". After explaining everything Luna gives him too options as a way of repaying them, the first option was to let the girl bite him- for she was getting tired and weak from not having any blood, or for him to join them and when when the girl thinks that his time is up he is able to go.

After finding Zeke, Dominic, Pepper and Luna where sent to the studio where he and the others stayed, he still- according to Luna- hadn't re-payed but predicts that it will happen soon.


Name: Dominic

Surname: Dark middle: N/A


age: 16

D.O.B: June 12 1997

Animal: Dragon

fur Scales: gray

Hair: N/A 

Eyes: Puple

Power/talent: flying, fire

relationship: not in cookie crew (or anywhere eles XD) Sibling: N/A


His main outfit came from issue two after Caelum (who was in his body) began to strut to 'Staying Alive', its a green waist coat which is designed for winged creatures (as is all his other clothing) and a new pair of green and yellow shoes.

Now get this, his formal outfit isn't a waist coat over a short sleeved shirt, its just a shirt and tie, why? because he trousers and green lase ups.

In my opinion his uniform makes him look like a time lord.....blame the long coat and the bow tie- which is also Caelums doing, as is the boots.

Trivia StuffsEdit

  • Dominic is the only CC member to break the 4th wall
  • Luna doesn't say what it is he is repaying or how much has been re-payed
    • It is predicted that he is 'repaying' because he had connection's to King Midnight or because he was spying on them to begin with