Damon ForestEdit

Damon's dad was murdered trying to save his son, this gave the fox a deep hatred for vampires mostly the Midnight family for the pack of vampires who had attacked him where led by King Midnight.
Damon F

This means that his hatred for the siblings is a misunderstanding, if he and they where to team up they could be an unstoppable team. However, another reason for him to hate vampires is partly because of Alissa, in his eyes she could easily take over the planet with out even trying, she is also his first target when attacking C.C. This is believed to be because he is less likely to die from this unlike if he where to attack Luna first.


Name: Damon

Surname: Forest

middle: N/A

nickname(s): N/A

age: 18

D.O.B: November 11 1995

Animal: Fox

fur: Forest green

hair: forest green (pony is a bit light)

Eyes: blue

Power/talent: ninja

relationship: N/A

Sibling: N/A

Trivia StuffsEdit

  • His scar was given to him by a vampire
    • however he is not blind
    • Also his ear was also biten off by one
  • his ponytail is fake and he only wears it for show