Cookie Crewers is the name given to the mobiens in cookie crew! From the crazy love of Jason and Ziggie (or ZigSon if you will) to the mysterious Midnight family, you'll find 'em all here!

Alissa Jones

The Cookie loving leader, who is a hedgehog but lacking the ears and quills and is also a super fast vampire.

Cassie Kilby

The relitivly sane leader, who is a fox and also a vampire with super strengh

Pepper Polo

The snowbording, baseball playing Penguin

Luna Midnight

The Princess of the vampires, dark and bada$$ery

Caelum Midnight

The Prince of the vampires, dark and emoness

Ziggie Heart

The boyfriend stalker

Jade Marsh

The Seedrain wannabe

Jason Kato

The Prince of Lightning, techno geek and from Japan

Zeke Midnight

The (fail) Prince of Vampires, Dark and Wimpyness

Dominic Dark

The epic, forth-wall breaking dragon

Ivie Reese

The stuck-up, Fashion freak

James Denn

The vampire fox stalker