Cassie KilbyEdit

Mr Cassie, is the gender bent of Cassie. He will appear in an issue along with his friends and it is unknown if he will appear again.

Compared to CassieEdit

In the issue Damon will say: "Their genders are not the only differences" This will partly be noticeable in Cass and Cassie- in others it is detectible but with the two vampire fox's it is fairly easy to see.

For this Cassie M will mean Male Cassie and Cassie F will mean Female Cassie to avoid confusion.

Cassie M is the only gender bent to have the same name as his female counterpart, mainly because the name is transgender. The male fox is not in any way girly- or less so, and appears to show off his strength more. When they first meet they bitterly say their names to each other and point daggers with their eyes. This is to show a sign of hate which is currently unknown why.