Real cassie
Cassie Kilby

Name: Cassidy

Surname: Kilby

Middle Names: Bethan

Nickname(s): Cassie, Kibble, Chipmunk, Peach, Peachy, Peaches, Midget, Ginge, Emo-Child.

Age: 14

D.O.B: 14th February 1999

Animal: Vampire-Fox

Fur: Yellow-Orange

Hair: Yellow-Orange

Eyes: Blue

Power/talent: Vampireness (Ability to Climb walls, High amount of Strength, Ability to turn others into vampires, Ability to Shape-shift,Hypnotic Powers/Mind Control and ability to suck blood.)

Sibling: Not in cookie crewCassie is one of the two leaders, she's also a vampire fox but unlike Alissa she wasn't born that way.


Throught out the comic you may find that we have difftrent outfits. Cassie has a girly style but not like "OMG everyone should wear mini skirts! they are so~ YOLO"....yeah not cass, her normal outfit- I think -is a shirt-vest thing over a shirt, skinny jeans and boots, she also always has a necklace on.

Her formal outfit is a simple lavender dress that has one sleeve- if that's what you can call it, with a rose and a pair of lavender dolly shoes.

In issue two as part of the mini war between her and Lissa- who was currently in the foxes body, a few near death changes where made. The uniform Alissa was wearing stripy socks, trousers (not skinny ones) and the fringe was died maroon, why? because Cassie put makeup one.


Cassie is a 14 year old vampire fox that was born and raised on Earth in a rough area in South Wales. She discovered Mobius when her friend Alissa (Also in Cookie Crew) opened the portal to Mobius after descovering it two years before.