Caelum MidnightEdit

Caelum didn't want to be king so he isn't.

Caelum is the male


Name: Caelum

Surname: Midnight


nickname(s):  Cae, Emo

age: 18


Animal: Wolf

fur: purple

Hair: purple


Power/talent: Vampireness

relationship: Jade

Sibling: Luna and Zeke

other outfitsEdit

The normal outfit for the emo kid has a liking for black, normally its a black coat with a scarf, white shirt, jeans and green shooesles. Formally he wears a black suit,. his school uniform consists of a bit of a baggy jumper, more blackness and a purple tie that compliments his fur- if you look his hair is also a bit messy, that is because he is technically Dominic who doesn't have hair


  • Caelum is the tallest of the group.
  • His name is means sky.
    • This is to compliment that his younger siblings names mean something to do with the sky.
      • Zeke- means star
      • Luna- means moon
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