Alissa JonesEdit

Alissa Bethany Jones, or as in the comic: Lissa, is a 14 year old, quill less and possibly earless Vampire and so far is the shortest member of the team.

Her first new friend(s) that she made where Jason and Ziggie- who she now see's as family, she also met a few other people and while on adventures with them Luna needed their help. About a year before cookie crew was founded Alissa's old group of friends went their own ways the vampire only stayed in contact with the two, but between the separation and the creation Luna came by again this time with out her friend Lola but with Dominic and Pepper.

While Luna and her friends where staying with the girl- unable to get back to their world, Alissa found contact with her old friend from the human world- Cassie had found her way to a close world and had made friends with some new people, the two girls made plans and soon with the help of their friends, cookie crew was born.

Other outfitsEdit

Throught out the comic you may find that we have difftrent outfits. Lissa- apparently -has a 'tomboy' style (according to Cassie) but is in no way a tomboy......anyway, she has a tendency to dress in fairly baggy clothing (mostly because of how short she is) only somethings that she wears have a perfect fit. Her normal outfit will consist of a hoody (holes for her thumbs and is like a long dress on her) fairly baggy jeans and a pair of trainers/converse.

Her formal outfit is described as a 'strawberry' for the fact that part of her dress has a strawberry effect. Her boots resemble that of Ziggies but a darker purple, she also has a 'netting' type thing (her right sleeve and tights)

In issue two, Cassie had control of Lissa's body, and while in the mini war, Cassie not only put makeup on the pink hedgehog but put her in a skirt, found plain socks and cloths that fit the small girl. She also put her hair in a low pony tail and was prepared to stop dieing it

Trivia StuffsEdit

  • Alissa is the shortest member so far
  • Even with the lack of quills she is still a hedgehog- she only doesn't have them because when the creator first made her, she kept forgetting
  • She is one of the two leaders
  • She is the second member to be considered a 'cripple' - the first being Jason
    • Incidentally her disability was only temporary and lasted 2-3 issues
  • Alissa is only the shortest by two cm