Albert Bryon JonesEdit

Mr Albert, is the gender bent of Alissa. He will appear in an issue along with his friends and it is unknown if he will appear again.

Compared to AlissaEdit

In the issue Damon will say: "Their genders are not the only differences" This will mostly be noticeable in Al and Liss- in others it is detectible but with the two ear-less hedgehogs it is fairly easy to see.

Where as they do have very similar personality's in the way that they both love cookies and stuff, Alissa is- obviously -more girly. The four main phobias that are found in her are less detectable in Bryon, take the Arachnophobia as an example: as proven in other issues if a spider where to come close to Alissa she would scream then jump and cling to Pepper in fear- she does jump onto the closest mobien to her but that will tend to be Pepper. Where as Al will only jump slightly, back away a bit and have fear in his eyes.

Another noticeable difference is in appearance and strength- as there would be with males and females. Even if Al is the shortest of his friends he is taller than Alissa and it is viable, the other one is in strength, Albert is able to hold his female counterpart with a fairly easy and when they first meet they do hug and it is shown that Al lifts Alissa of the ground.     

This also affects his outfit and looks- well hair anyway. Bethany and Bryon's hair is the same length, this can be proven when their hair is wet, but where as Alissa's has one small flick at the end, Al's has two bigger point type things and a visible parting on the back of his head. Both of them will wear a hoody, baggy jeans and trainers, but Alissa's pink and white trainers would be red and white. It is also noteworthy to point out the big differences in the hoody, Alissa's is like a short dress on her and the cufflinks have holes in for her thumbs, Al's however is a perfect fit and has no thumb holes.